About Us

One day while eating some peanuts from a company that's been around forever, we asked ourselves, "Why are these so damn boring?!" Boring flavor, boring packaging. This question led us to create BustaSNACKS! Our mission since day one has been to bring flavor explosion to the old school snack industry. Exciting packaging and new, innovative flavors, all the while using the best ingredients we could get our hands on.

BustaNUT?! We started with peanuts... well, mainly because that's what we were eating when the lightbulb went off. So we wanted something high quality, fun and exciting. But what to name it? We dumped a bag of peanuts on the table to start brainstorming. We cracked them open, discussed what flavors would be cool, packaging, etc. One question that was asked was whether we should sell peanuts in the shell? Heck no, that's too much work.. we gotta bust them open to make them easier to eat while on the go... BOOOOOM! BustaNUT! was born! You just can't eat the peanut without busting it open. From great insights come great products!

But what about people who want more than just peanuts? From there a full blown snacking empire emerged (well, is emerging!). The natural move from peanuts was trail mix... we love trail mix. It's awesome. BOOOOOM! BustaMIX! was born. We kept it simple at first. With chocolate and without. We have plans to get super craaaazy in the future, stay tuned!

So we launched BustaNUT! to rave reviews and tons of instagram posts #BustaNUT (warning: not everyone is talking about peanuts!) and then followed it up with BustaMIX! Solid start! But something was missing... we love nuts, but what if you just aren't in the mood for nuts? Crazy thought, but it happens! BOOOOOM! BustaPOP! was born! We're launching this bad boy in June. Delicious is one way to describe these kernels of deliciousness. We took three of our top selling peanut flavors (Honey BBQ, Sriracha and Buffalo Blast) and added a fourth flavor for those who would prefer to keep it down the middle - White Cheddar. Then we found the Dalai Lama's third cousin twice removed to bless our super healthy himalayan pink salt and the popcorn world just got a heckuva lot cooler!

The moral of the story? We're turning the tables on the snack industry by bringing consumers tasty snacks awash in explosive flavors! We have tons of cool stuff in the works, but in the meantime please give our nuts, trail mix and popcorn a try. We love our nuts (and popcorn) and hope you do too!